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Academic Essays

These peer-reviewed pieces have appeared as articles in academic journals, chapters in edited collections of essays, or as posts on peer-reviewed blogs. Click on the title of each essay for further details.



How Popular Culture Launders Torture

In: The Long Road to Closing Guantanamo: Action, Accountability and Justice, ed. by Sara Birch, Richard Kotter, Hugh Sandeman and Andy Worthington. Ethics Press, 2025.

Target Confirmed: Drone Visuality, Dehumanization, and the Weeping Soldier in Eye in the Sky

In: War Faces on Screen, ed. by Mani Sharpe and Katy Parry. Bloomsbury.

The Ticking Bomb Drone Strike: Drone Warfare and Emergency Ethics in Eye in the Sky

In: Human Rights in the Age of Drones: Critical Perspectives on Post-9/11 Literature, Film and Art, ed. by Muhammad Waqar Azeem. Palgrave, 2024.

The Colour of Monstrosity in Godzilla 2014 and Godzilla Vs Kong

PopMeC Peer-reviewed Blog, 17/8/2023.


Reflections on the aesthetic role of colour in two MonsterVerse Godzilla movies, Godzilla 2014 and Godzilla Vs Kong (2021).

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The Report and the Task of Critique: Torture, Exposure, and the Spectacle of Accountability

Quarterly Review of Film and Video 39.7 (2022), pp. 1619-1633.

First online publication: 19/8/2021.


A critique of the anti-torture politics of 2019 thriller The Report.

Rebel Inc., Colonialism Simulator

First Person Scholar Peer-reviewed Blog. 27/7/2022.


A critique of the colonial logics of 2018 video game Rebel Inc.

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Knowing the Double Agent: Islam, Uncertainty, and the Fragility of the Surveillant Gaze in Homeland

In: Surveillance, Race, Culture

Edited by Antonia Mackay and Susan Flynn

(London: Palgrave, 2018), pp. 125-143.


A critique of the Islamophobia and racism of Homeland, with an emphasis on the show's representation of surveillance.

‘The Sweet Tang of Rape’: Torture, Survival, and Masculinity in Ian Fleming’s Bond Novels

Feminist Theory 18.2 (2017), pp. 137-158.


An argument about the parallels between torture and seduction in Ian Fleming's Bond novels.

Guantanamo Boy and the Task of Critique

The Lion and the Unicorn 40.3 (2016), pp. 245-261.


A critical reading of the anti-torture position of Young Adult novel Guantanamo Boy.

Terrorism as Sexual Envy: Adversarial Masculinities in Two Fictions of Ticking Bomb Torture

In: Terrorist Transgressions: Gender and the Visual Culture of the Terrorist.

Edited by Sue Malvern and Gabriel Koureas

(London: IB Tauris, 2014), pp. 181-201.

A reading of the economy of masculinity in the torture scenes in The Centurions and 24.


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