Thomas Alexander


As of July 2020, I also write commercial online pieces such as film reviews, listicles, and short articles, under the name Thomas Alexander. 

This writing appears on WhatCulture and Cine-Vue, with hopefully more venues to come.

Have a look here if you're interested:

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Cine-Vue, 02/10/2020

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Cine-Vue, 04/09/2020

Film Review: King of the Cruise

Cine-Vue, 21/08/2020

10 Best Films Set In The Pacific War

WhatCulture, 21/08/2020

8 Films With "Subtle" Messages (That Are REALLY Obvious)

WhatCulture, 13/08/2020

10 Awesome War Movies About Obscure Conflicts

WhatCulture, 05/08/2020

Film Review: Perfect 10

Cine-Vue, 04/08/2020

10 Embarrassingly Poor Horror Movie Monsters

WhatCulture, 01/08/2020

Film Review: The Fight

Cine-Vue, 27/07/2020

9 Under-rated Horror Masterpieces By Directors You Love

WhatCulture, 21/07/2020

10 Old-School Toho Kaiju That Legendary Need To Reincarnate

WhatCulture, 13/7/2020

10 Movies That Completely Reinvent The Books They're Based On

WhatCulture, 12/7/2020

10 Insanely Intense Films Any Horror Fan MUST See

WhatCulture, 6/7/2020 


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