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Wall-to-wall prostitution Monetary morality Work for money Spend for pleasure

Nothing is true Choose your delusion Nothing is true Delusions

Things are memory Money buys things Money buys memory Money buys all

Colour, motion, advertising Image, sound, saturation Credit card, car insurance Commodify, fetishise

It's all television Discourse, doctrine, dogmatism

It's all television Lifestyle, beauty, consumerism

It's all television It's all television Neon dream Surface


Light falls like rain So as I walk Through the shadows I do not fear

Above us an ocean Ocean Light, space and motion Free fall

Locust tree Flowering Walk through the light I do not fear

When turning in darkness Learn to Swallow the abyss Abyss

Burning surging sight Light Light seeks light

Caesar Lives Forever

Rotten dynasty Idiot kings

Cesspool Slaves and vipers Cesspool Slaves and vipers

Rome burns And she rises from the ashes Rome burns But Caesar lives forever

Caesar lives forever Caesar lives forever

Cesspool Slaves and vipers Cesspool Slaves and vipers


Nothing is new Hollowed through Give me something I can use

How slavish the crawl to transcendence

Waste it all Waste it all

How futile the birth of awareness

Everything stops My blood is a crawling clot I don't suffer, I just rot

A desert of dead time Crystalline and digital Bury me in the dirt and walk away

A Girl

Her hips move Like a snake through grass Sordid double helix Where cunt becomes womb

Her face is smeared With sexuality Even her violence is perfectly formed

When she opens her mouth Words squirm out reluctantly Even her violence is perfectly formed

I lose interest as soon as I release I hang over her, deflated and ridiculous

I hate the heartless sound of my useless voice As I hold her close, I loathe my cowardice


Cut me, fuck me Encourage servility Violence, vanity Cruelty, stupidity


Screw Become Screw Become

Dazzled by the neon of drugs Rich girl follows thug


Screw him Become him



Lord, I'm powerless I am your fool Lord, you're merciless Infinite and cruel

I'll eat my heart out

Lord, slake my need Fill what is empty Lord, make me clean Kill my stupidity

I'm vermin, I'll choke I'll eat my heart out

Wild God Pitiless and vengeful Rabid dog Sexless and brutal

Lord, I'm ready To inherit your will Lord, I'm ready Purify the world

Lord This is your love Lord This is your flood Lord When I drown in your light I feel your mercy inside me

Lord Make us all clean Lord Send an eternal rain Lord We are reborn Lord We are without shame

Use Violence To Win

Use violence to win Channel aggression and hate

Use violence to win Suffer Don't underestimate The power of pain The power of pain Suffer

A Public Hanging

String him up Humiliate String him up Disembowel Cut him loose Make him beg Cut him loose Like a dog

Bleed him dry Show them who's boss

Witch hunt Trial by media

Stamp 'em out Kill his kind Stamp 'em out Social virus Stigmatise Crucify Demonise Scapegoat

Bleed him dry Show them who's boss Boss Boss Boss

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